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It contains some extra gems that didn't make the final film that I think
you will enjoy, though these are generally unsuitable for young viewers!

The DVD is available for £5.00 (plus £1.35 p&p for the UK / £2.00 p&p overseas)

You can use Paypal or send a cheque or postal order made payable to
'Stopwatch Productions Ltd' to:

Stopwatch Productions, 39 Lushington Road, London NW10 5UX

Paypal payments can be made to

Dispatch within 14 days of receipt.

Please note: Whilst the film itself is exactly the same one that was broadcast
on More 4 and exhibited at various international film festivals, the Blondie &
Duran Duran track clips were not possible to license for DVD use and
so have been replaced with new music.




Short synopsis:  Between 1978 – 1981, Mark Craig was an Art & Design student at Leicester’s De Montfort University. 30 years on, he goes in search of seven of his former classmates to find out how their lives & careers panned out, and returns to his former college to discover what has changed for today’s students. Using a wealth of personal archive and artwork to convey each featured character’s life journey, a humorous and often moving picture of change emerges as they come to terms with youthful hopes & dreams…

Recently completed and due to hit the international festival circuit in 2011 - Website coming soon!

A co-production with Tigerlily Films



See another random blast from my past on Current TV.

This 8mins short doc features several friends who appeared in Talk To Me.

Warning: do not try this at home.

Everyone who appears in this film is a professional!



It wasn't just answer machine tapes I saved... Last autumn my 5-year
collection of local junk mail turned into a Channel 4 documentary.



For a wide selection of up-to-date links to other news & info about
Talk To Me, do a quick search on Google using the words:

"mark craig talk to me"


Since editing Talk to Me, the very talented and extremely nice Dan
Haythorn has gone on to become, among other things, something of a
Youtube legend. Check him (and his twin brother) out at:


More projects are planned for 2011... I'll keep you posted.

All the best,

Mark Craig